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Summer Lake Trout Fishing on Lac La Ronge

Jigging for Lakers on Lac La Ronge Summer Lake Trout fishing is great in Saskatchewan. The Lake Trout move into the deep water sometime after July 1st. The fish congregate in the morning and evenings at underwater reefs and shelves.
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Ice Fishing for Walleye

Don't Give Walleye Any Slack If you know the lake you are fishing and know where any inlets or creeks run into the lake, these are good spots to try for Walleye.
Written by Ron Cojocar

Ice Fishing in Saskatchewan, Canada

Great Fishing in Saskatchewan - All Year Round Saskatchewan has over 100,000 lakes, with 90,000 of these lakes holding a number of species of game fish. So as you can imagine there isn’t a shortage of lakes to try your hand at Ice Fishing. As many people don’t own boats, and find it hard to fish during the summer months, ice fishing is more accessable via vehicle or as simple as walking onto the ice.
Written by Ron Cojocar

Northern Pike Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing with a "Tip Up" Northern Pike are commonly caught ice fishing. This will take a lot heavier line, usually 15lb to 20lb test line on a little heavier ice fishing rod and reel is . If fishing by hand with a rod and reel, you should be using your favourite spoon (red/white, yellow 5 of diamonds/ruby eye, etc.), again with some type of bait.
Written by Ron Cojocar

Selwyn Lake Lodge Offers Luxury

I’ve had all kinds of fishing experiences, and some of them - perhaps too many of them- have been in somewhat primitive, if not brutal, conditions. Roughin’ it is okay, I guess. I’ve done plenty of it, but now, as I get older every year, I’ve discovered that a little relaxation and indulgence goes just fine with fishing...
Written by Bill Schneider