Giant Northern Pike Reeled In

Giant Northern Pike Reeled In

When Stan Pokreywka of Saskatoon and a couple of buddies recently set out for a day of fishing, little did they know that they would encounter what might be the largest northern pike ever caught in Saskatchewan. Mirond Lake, near Pelican Narrows, was the scene of Mr. Pokreywka’s big catch-and-release. It’s a moment Stan and his pals won’t soon forget.

"It took 45 minutes to reel it in and we only caught it because it got tired. It was too big for the net so we had to lift it in by hand. It was really heavy."

There to help him get it into the boat were Larry Bezo and Bruno Szatkowski, both of Regina. Fishing for walleye and using a single hook and a 12-pound test line, Mr. Pokreywka reeled in a 47.5 pound (21.55 kilograms) northern pike measuring 55.5 inches (141 centimetres). The four-and-a-half foot beast eclipsed the previous record northern pike, which was 40 pounds and caught at Candle Lake in 2004.

After taking a picture of the fish, the men released it back into cold, clear waters of Mirond Lake. Peter Ashcroft of Saskatchewan Environment’s Fish and Wildlife Branch applauded the decision to release the big fish.

"There are many, many big fish like that throughout Saskatchewan and there are plenty of lakes for people to catch them in. Every year we get reports of big fish being caught and if people release them back then we give them a certificate to commemorate the catch."

Mirond Lake is just east of Pelican Narrows, about 300 kilometers northeast of Prince Albert.

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