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What's tugging on your line?

Unless you’ve snagged some weeds, it’ll be one of 68 different species of fish that inhabit the 100,000 lakes, rivers and streams of Saskatchewan. Click on a fish to learn more about some of our most popular species:

The most popular game fish in Saskatchewan. Delicious. Walleye prefer deeper waters, but are found in almost all but the shallowest lakes. They like sandy bottoms or the protection of rock overhangs. Use jigs with bait, or jigging spoons. Average weight: 0.5 to 1.5 kg (1 to 3 lb). More...

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Northern Pike

These guys are the scrappers of the freshwater fish world. They’re found everywhere in Saskatchewan’s lakes and rivers, usually in relatively shallow water and often in or around weed beds. They’re a great eating fish, but mind the small bones. Use various spoons, crank baits or line spinners. Average weight: 1 to 2.5 kg (2 to 5 lb). More...

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Lake Trout

Saskatchewan’s only native trout is common to the cool, clear and deep waters in the northern half of the province. This largest member of the trout family stays deep in the summer time, requiring the use of steel-line rigs or jigs. In early spring and fall, they’re closer to the surface and can be caught by casting or trolling. Use crankbaits, spoons or even flies. Average weight: 1 to 1.5 kg (2 to 5 lb). More...

Arcticgrayling 175X110 Verdana
Arctic Grayling

Called the "sailfish of the north" because of its large dorsal fin. And, as its name implies, it’s found in the cold, clear lakes and fast-moving streams of northern Saskatchewan. Cast very small spinners and jigs, or try dry fly-fishing with dark flies like black gnats, dark cahill or brown hackle. Average weight: under 1 kg (2 lb). More...

Rainbowtrout 175X110 Verdana
Rainbow Trout

Successfully stocked in lakes throughout the province. Best fished with light spinning or fly tackle, using worms or a variety of small spoons or spinners. Average weight: 0.5 to 1.8 kg (1 to 4 lb). More...

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Other Species
Brook trout, yellow perch, and 61 others! More...


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