Great fishing, great eating - Walleye's the one

Saskatchewan WalleyeSometimes referred to as a pickerel, the walleye is the provincial fish of Saskatchewan, and a prized catch in North America. Walleye traditionally prefer deeper waters, but are widely distributed throughout Saskatchewan in all but the shallowest lakes. They vary in colour from brassy gold to olive buff, mottled with black. The walleye gets its name from the milky colour of its eyes. These are some of the finest eating fish you’ll find anywhere.

How to catch: Walleye can be easily hooked on light tackle – jigs, live-bait rigs or jigging spoons. They take the bait slowly, so you may lose your fish if you’re too eager to set the hook.

Average weight: usually 0.5-1.5 kg (1-3 lb).

Record: 8.33kg/18.40 lbs, Tobin Lake, 2005 (ice fishing).
Live release: 8.21kg/18.06 lbs, Tobin Lake, September 1997; 86cm/33.75 inches, Last Mountain Lake, 2011